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What should you do every morning to become a Successful Entrepreneur

Being successful in your career takes a combination of steely determination, business acumen and personal influence in equal measures.Facing each day with this indomitable spirit can be exhausting, but there are a few simple things you can do to ensure that you are well-equipped to face anything.

It can take months for a new habit to stick, making it difficult to trade your old bad behaviors in for new, healthier ones. But if you shift that new habit to first thing in the morning, you may speed up that process. In fact, one study found that new morning habits would stick 50 days sooner than nighttime behaviors.

Even if you aren't a morning person, you can squeeze a few things in after the alarm goes off.

Make your morning—and the day that follows—rock with these tips for a positive and productive morning routine from highly successful people.

Here are seven new habits you should try if you want to kick your day off the right way.

  • Wake Up Your Mind
    Even if you're one of many people who do your best work later in the day, you can still make the most of those early-morning hours. Find those few things that wake you up every morning, whether it's a cold shower, a healthy breakfast, a brisk walk, or some other energy booster. 
  • Ignore Your Phone
    The temptation to wake up and immediately check your phone can be overwhelming, but try to resist. Give yourself at least ten minutes in the morning of phone-free time; where you can think about your day ahead without confronting a digital device.

    Indeed, mobiles are one of the key culprits for scattering your focus and shortening your attention span. The reason for this is that many of our top visited sites are simply designed to keep you on the page; be it through click-bait titles, infinite scroll, or targeted ads. You are fighting against a deafening wall of information.

  • Go for a Walk
    After four experiments, Doctors Marily Opezzo and Daniel L. Schwartz found a distinct connection between walking and creative thinking. promoting new connections between brain cells and giving us the time and space we need to think. Try to resist the temptation to check email, chat on the phone, or listen to audiobooks while you walk, simply letting your mind wander to the day ahead. Chances are, you'll show up at your desk with a head full of great ideas.

  • Exercise
    There is no better way to start your day than with exercise.

    Depending upon your schedule, you might have time for an hour-long workout or just fifteen minutes: the length of your session is actually unimportant. As the central aim is to raise your heart rate to within 70-90% of its maximum. In order to ensure good heart health and weight control.

    Depending on your existing level of fitness; this could be attained through a brisk walk, cycling, running or more active yoga flows, such as Vinyasa.

    Exercise is known to have an excellent effect on the body when performed in the morning: not only does exercise kick start your metabolism, enabling you to start burning calories more effectively, but it can help to clear your head-space.

    Many business professionals find that a workout is the perfect outlet for the stress of their day-to-day life, and helps them to relax. Moreover, the Harvard Business Review recently reported that individuals who exercised regularly as part of their routine demonstrated improved concentration, sharper memory, and a faster learning process.

  • Plan Your Day
    As you're sipping coffee, take a look at your calendar and think through the day ahead. Make a list of items you want to accomplish over the course of the day and prioritize them. If you can, try to resist the urge to check your email until you've planned your day and prepared your mind and body to tackle the tasks ahead. Once you leap into your inbox, you can find you quickly lose control of your day.

  • Look the Part
    Looking great contributes enormously to how we feel about ourselves. So start every day feeling fresh and confident by dressing in a way that makes an impact.

    Dressing for work means displaying signs of power and confidence while equally ensuring comfort during long meetings and travel. Whether your line of work requires a suit or more casual attire, carefully chosen accessories can make all the difference.

    A pocket square adds instant creative flair to a plain jacket. While an elegant watch, such as these from the International Watch Company, is a timeless statement of class on the wrist. Ladies may prefer to use jewellery to make an impression, with a bright necklace or discreet earrings complementing an outfit.

  • Write in a Journal
    Some of the best minds of all time credit journaling as the secret to their success. Take a note from their playbook and sit down every morning with pen and paper in hand. If you prefer, you can type your journal or speak into a recorder. The goal, though, is to unplug and spend time with just yourself and your thoughts, so resist the urge to check email and hang out on social media during your journaling time.

  • Have a Nutritious Breakfast
    You might have heard it a thousand times, but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Making sure that you have a healthy, nutritious meal shortly after waking up has myriad benefits.

    From kick starting your metabolism to providing you with the energy required to meet the rigors of your day, breakfast should form the cornerstone of your morning before arriving at the office.

    Depending on the level of activity in your day, your breakfast needs to provide sufficient levels of energy and nutrition. For individuals who exercise before work, a high protein and carbohydrate meal is required in order to replenish energy consumed during the workout. So you don’t feel depleted upon arrival at the office.

    Oat pancakes, whole meal toast with eggs or a protein smoothie are ideal ways to start the day in this scenario. For individuals who don’t need supplementary energy, unsweetened cereal like whole bran with skimmed milk should keep hunger at bay until lunch.

  • Meditate
    As a busy professional, it can seem like setting time aside to do nothing is a waste. But in actuality, those precious minutes could make a big difference in your productivity throughout the day. So take a few minutes soon after the alarm goes off to sit quietly and shed all thoughts. A team of psychologists reviewed multiple studies and found that meditation improves decision-making abilities. I've personally found that it helps me see stress differently. To some degree it's our choice how much we want to buy into anxious thoughts, whether they are about work, relationships, or something else.

  • Network Over Coffee
    Now that the American Heart Association has told us that a morning cup of coffee is good for us, why not combine it with another positive activity? Spend your coffee (or tea) time networking, whether by reaching out to colleagues on LinkedIn or Twitter or through scheduling meetings with potential business partners. You'll get your morning "pick me up" while also expanding your network.

If you want to be on top form in the morning, it’s no good being sleep-deprived. Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, is one of the busiest women on the planet. In an interview with USA Today, she revealed one of her top tips for getting ahead in the morning: She makes sure she gets a good night’s sleep. Sheryl confesses that de-linking from her technology is hard, but she always switches her phone off so she’s not disturbed overnight. Habits such as lowering the light levels, getting to bed at a reasonable hour, and consciously relaxing before bed, can all make a huge difference to our sleep patterns. Then you’re ready to begin tomorrow with a pep in your step.

Oprah Winfrey is a legendary high achiever, and she typically rises by 6 am. When outlining a typical day in her life to Parade, she described how she would arrive her office at 6:30 am. Almost without exception, successful people start their day early. Many say they get up between 5 am and 6 am. Rising early is particularly great for those who work from home or have small children, because they can accomplish work tasks without interruption. Or you might prefer to give yourself time for spiritual pursuits or exercise. Curious what other high-achievers do when they wake up? 

It’s important to take care of your mental health when you spend the day using your brain to its highest capacity. Many of our most successful entrepreneurs turn to meditation to help. In a LinkedIn Pulse article, Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, describes how using a meditation app helped him establish a daily meditation routine. He feels this brings great benefits to his mental well-being.


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