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SEO - Optimized Meta tags

There are  essential meta tags:

  • Meta description tags
  • Meta keyword tags

a few search engines may show the meta description as part of the search results, but the meta key-word tags should not seem in search consequences.

the overall consensus among search engine optimization specialists is that meta tags are dead. even so, lots of those equal professionals preserve to use meta tags of their own websites.

For Google, including the description meta tag does no longer result in a lift in the search engine outcome pages (search engines like google), but the description is probably used for the outline in your SERP listings in google.

Yahoo! says, they use the keyword, Meta Tag, whilst it ranks a web page. therefore it makes the experience to feature one for Yahoo! and some other minor search engines that still use.

What Do the Meta tags Look Like?

you can add the following in the head phase of the net page:


<meta name="keywords" 
         content="KEYWORD1 KEYWORD2 KEYPHRASE1 etc. 
         about 30 to 40 unique words">

<meta name="description" 
         content="An accurate, keyword-rich description 
         about 150 characters">

Meta Description Tag hints

important recommendations for right Meta description tags:

  • Use key phrases on your meta description tag.
  • strive not to copy the phrases overly regularly, but attempt to use a couple of syntaxes of your key phrases.
  • There have to now not be greater than a hundred and fifty characters in a description meta tag of a single internet page.
  • Use an extraordinary meta description tag for every web page, as every web page is distinctive and stands a higher threat of being determined in case your area a very good name and description on it.

Meta Keywords Tag Tips

Please check with the preceding chapter for identifying top key phrases. Use the subsequent pointers for preparing good meta key phrases tags.

  • Use synonyms.
  • Use specific key phrases.
  • No need to repeat any given phrase.
  • you may repeat a word any wide variety of time, as long as every time it's far part of a distinctive word.

Robots Meta Tag

The crucial meta tag that you may need someday is the Robots Meta tag which looks like this:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow">

the usage of the above meta tag, you can tell a spider or a robot which you do no longer want some of your pages indexed, or which you do now not need your links observed.

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