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Search Engine Optimization - Relevant Filenames

One of the simplest techniques to improve your SEO is to examine the way you name your documents. Before writing this tutorial, we did a whole lot of studies on file-names and determined that search engines like Google supply too much importance to file names. You should suppose what you need put in your web page after which give an applicable report name to this web page.

Simply strive to give any keyword in Google search engine and you may discover record names highlighted with the keyword you have got given. It proves that your file name has to have suitable keywords.


File Naming Style

  • The filename must preferably be short and descriptive.
  • It is always appropriate to use identical keywords in a filename as well as in web page name.
  • Do not use filenames together with service.htm or job.Htm as they're frequent. Use real service name to your record name such as computer-repairing.htm.
  • Do now not use extra than 3-four words in report names.
  • Separate the keywords with hyphens rather than underscores.
  • Try and use 2 key phrases if viable.


File Name Example

Listed underneath are a few filenames which would be best from the customers' point of view in addition to SEO.


Note that the keywords are separated by using hyphens in preference to underscores. Google sees desirable filenames as follows:

Search engine optimization-applicable-filename as search engine optimization relevant filename(precise)
Filenames with underscores aren't an amazing choice.

Seo_relevant_filename as seorelevantfilename (not accurate)


File Extension

You should note that. Html, Htm, Php and every other extension do not anything for your traffic, and they may be simply a means of offloading some of the work of configuring your web server nicely onto your visitor's. In impact, you're asking your site visitors to tell your web server how to produce the web page, no longer which one?

Many webmasters think that it is a good idea to apply filename without the use of the extension. It could help you, however not an entire lot...


URL Sub-Directory Name

From SEO factor of view, URL sub-directory name rarely topics. You could try giving any keyword in any search, and you'll now not find any sub-directory name matching along with your key phrases. But from the consumer's factor of view, you should maintain an abbreviated sub-directory name.

Keep the subsequent factors in thoughts before naming your files:

  • Keep the internet page filename brief, simple, descriptive, and applicable to the page content.
  • Try to use a most of 3-4 keywords for your filename, and these key phrases need to seem for your net page name as well.
  • Separate all keywords with a hyphen instead of with underscore. Maintain your sub-directories name as short as feasible.
  • Restriction the file size too much less than 101K because of Google chops almost everything above that.


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