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SEO - Tactics & Methods

Seo strategies are categorized into  extensive categories:

  • White Hat search engine optimization - strategies that search engines like google and yahoo endorse as a part of a great design.
  • Black Hat Seo - strategies that serps (search engine results page) do not approve and try to reduce the impact of. Those strategies also are known as spamdexing.


White Hat SEO

A search engine optimization tactic is taken into consideration as White Hat if it has the subsequent features:

  • It conforms to the search engine's suggestions.
  • It does not involve any deception.
  • It ensures that the content material a search engine indexes, and subsequently ranks, is the same content material a user will see.
  • It ensures that an internet web page content has to were created for the customers and no longer only for the search engines like google and yahoo.
  • It ensures good quality of the internet pages.
  • It guarantees the availability of useful content on the internet pages.

Always follow a White Hat search engine optimization tactic and do not try to idiot your website online site visitors. Be sincere and you will actually get something greater.


Black Hat or Spamdexing

A search engine optimization tactic is considered as Black Hat or Spamdexing if it has the following functions:

  • Attempting ranking improvements which might be disapproved via the engines like google and/or contain deception.
  • Redirecting customers from a page that is built for engines like google to 1 that is extra human-friendly.
  • Redirecting users to a web page that changed into distinct from the web page the search engine ranked.
  • Serving one version of a page to go search engine spiders/bots and every other version to human site visitors. This is known as Cloaking seo tactic.
  • Using hidden or invisible textual content or with the page heritage coloration, using a small font size or hiding them within the HTML code such as "no frame" sections.
  • Repeating key phrases in the meta tags, and the usage of key phrases which can be unrelated to the website content. That is referred to as meta tag stuffing.
  • Calculated placement of keywords inside a web page to raise the key-word to depend, variety, and density of the web page. That is known as keyword stuffing.
  • Creating low-satisfactory internet pages that include little or no content but are rather full of very similar keywords and terms. Those pages are known as Doorway or Gateway Pages.
  • Reflect on websites by means of website hosting multiple websites - all with conceptually similar content, however, the usage of distinct URLs.
  • Developing a rogue replica of a famous website which suggests contents much like the original to a web crawler, but redirects web surfers to unrelated or malicious websites. This is referred to as web page hijacking.

Usually live far from any of the above Black Hat processes to improve the rank of your website. Search engines like google are smart enough to discover all the above residences in your site and in the end, you are not going to get anything.

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