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SEO - Hiring an SEO Expert for your website

Developing, modifying, and selling precise wonderful content material is difficult and time-consuming. if you are certainly serious about search engine optimization and also you are not getting the anticipated result, then it might be better to hire a search engine optimization expert.

SEO experts perform the are following tasks:

  • Code validation and clean up - ensure that the code is search engine friendly and standards compliant.
  • site Structure - building a semantic structure/subject matter and make sure URLs are spider friendly.
  • On-web page optimization - page identifies, copywriting, call-to-action, and many others.
  • the first-class link constructing - Securing one-way links from applicable sites.
  • key-word research - building a list of key terms applicable in your enterprise.
  • creating fine content material - building optimized pages round terms found through keyword research.
  • Off-page Optimization - coping with Blogs, Press Releases, Article Submissions.


What is W3C Compliance?

W3C is the worldwide internet Consortium and when you consider that 1994, the W3C has furnished the tips through which, websites and web pages must be dependent and created. here are the hyperlinks to validate your net pages:

  • Validate HTML/XHTML record in opposition to W3C standard HTML/XHTML Validator.
  • Validate CSS file against W3C well-known CSS Validator.

whilst verification, you can get errors along with appropriate reasons. all the validations may be carried out using XHTML DTD, that's a polished version of HTML.


Rules for W3C Compliance

There are following rules, are to be following whilst growing a webpage.

  • Use XHTML announcement statements to begin every XHTML page:<!DOCTYPE HTML PAGE
"-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd">
  • Every tag must be closed.
  • the head and body tags at the moment are obligatory.
  • Empty tags get a terminating curb. An empty tag is a tag that doesn't require an end tag. Examples include <br> and <hr>.
<BR> is now <br />.
<HR> is now <hr />.
<IMG SRC="--"> is now <img src="--" />
  • All tags must be lower-case. this doesn't practice to attributes, handiest tags. for instance, each of these codecs is suited under the XHTML DTD:
<FONT color="#ffffcc"> is invalid
<font color="#ffffcc"> is valid
<font color="#FFFFCC"> is also valid
  • all the attributes values need to be placed within double quotes.
  • Tags may not be nested.
<b><i>Text</b></i> This is invalid
<b><i>Text</i></b> This is valid
  • The <pre> tag have to now not include: image, object, big, small, sub, or sup.
  • One <form> tag cannot be inner any other <form> tag.
  • in case your code carries a &, it ought to be written as &.
  • Any use of CSS needs to use all lower-case letter.


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