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SEO - Verifying Web Site

You Designed and expand a website, however, how might you know when you have positioned all the HTML syntax in a correct manner. maximum browsers do now not complain in opposition to your wrong syntax, however wrong is wrong.

there are many search engine optimization specialists who declare that SEO isn't depending on website HTML/XHTML verification. but we will speak diverse reasons why your site has to be W3C Compliance.

Why HTML/XHTML Verification is needed?

There are various reasons to affirm your website before hosting it on the internet.

  • Any webpage first-rate relies upon on how well you've got written your website. It needs to be syntactically correct and have to pass all the first-rate Gates.
  • while any search engine does indexing on your net web page content, it might get confused if the HTML tags aren't written nicely, and lots of the web page content might not be listed properly.
  • There are probably many HTML tags, which you are the use of in your website but then were depreciated and most of the search engines do now not aid them.
  • Consistency, HTML Code splendor, system Compliance are usually liked through suitable site owners.

What is W3C Compliance?

W3C is the world huge net Consortium and on the grounds that 1994, the W3C has supplied the guidelines by which, websites and web pages have to be dependent and created. here are the links to validate your web pages:

while verification, you can get errors alongside appropriate motives. all of the validations may be executed the use of XHTML DTD, that is a refined version of HTML.

Rules for W3C Compliance

Their following policies, are to be following while growing a website.

  • Use XHTML statement statements to begin every XHTML page:
"-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd">
  • Each tag must be closed.
  • The head and body tags are now mandatory.
  • Empty tags get a terminating decrease. An empty tag is a tag that does not require an end tag. Examples consist of  <br> and <hr>.
<BR> is now <br />.
<HR> is now <hr />.
<IMG SRC="--"> is now <img src="--" />
  • All tags have to be lower-case. this does not follow to attributes, best tags. as an instance, each of these codecs is applicable underneath the XHTML DTD
<FONT color="#ffffcc"> is invalid
<font color="#ffffcc"> is valid
<font color="#FFFFCC"> is also valid
  • all the attribute values need to be placed with in double charges.
  • Tags may not be nested.
<b><i>Text</b></i> This is invalid
<b><i>Text</i></b> This is valid
  • The <pre> tag should not contain: image, object, big, small, sub, or sup.
  • One <form> tag cannot be inside another <form> tag.
  • in case your code incorporates a &, it has to be written as &.
  • Any use of CSS should use all lower-case letter.


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